gallery Boscastle Flood

Photos of our car during and after Boscastle Flood. (2004)

Ella Robson

I wouldn’t normally post stuff like this but I stumbled across these photos earlier… the poor car!

My mother and I were caught up in Boscastle Flood (ten years ago now) and we lost our car – but fortunately we escaped pretty much in one piece! I was doing some research earlier as I remembered seeing an image/video and I was trying to track it down, instead I discovered the following images:

The first four images are external photos (our car is in three of them) and the final two images are of our car once it was recovered.

I interviewed the Lieutenant Commander of the Navy helicopter pictured here for a radio project a few months back… I remember him mentioning the cars hitting the visitor centre, but I didn’t realise it was our car ha.. Crazy and weird!

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