People are Awesome (& everything doesn’t suck…)

So… after a rather dramatic/grumpy blog yesterday (Everything Sucks) I have once again been reminded how awesome the people in my life are.

People Rock

I was having a fairly rubbish day yesterday morning… hence the blog post, yet I also knew that blogging would be a great way for me to release some steam! And it was. Immediately after writing the post (and publishing it) I felt much better… it was kinda like I was ranting to myself – I was certainly being honest and getting everything out haha! You lovely bloggers also interacted with the post… but I was left feeling pretty loved by my friends. Within seconds of uploading the post one of my wonderful, ace, awesome friends text me to see how I was doing. Sometimes I forget that people do actually read this blog haha… but ahh the power of the internet! 🙂

My friend cheered me up! Also, my lovely team/colleagues at uni all one by one came and sat down with me and bugged me/spoke to me about loads of random stuff – it’s as  if they knew I was feeling unproductive… haha. Theeeeen, in the evening me and my pals headed to the pub (where I gloriously lost several games of pool) and we then went back to the flat and played loads of ace games (there was a doodling one which I definitely sucked at… everything doesn’t suck, but my drawing skills do.) 

But yeah… (I’m definitely typing this as I’m thinking these words haha) I blogged yesterday to let off some steam as I was feeling pretty stuck and needed a way to ‘vent.’ I feel like in the actual physical world (the one where trees are real and stuff) I seem to be repeating myself a lot lately, or finding it tricky to decipher exactly where I’m at, which can be very frustrating – but as I’ve often been reminded… ‘recovery’ is a mixture of highs and lows, and plodding along is becoming my finest talent. But yesterday, instead of taking things out on myself and focusing on what sucks my friends all came together (without me even having to ask) and reminded me that though some things may suck the world is still pretty glorious…

People are awesome – I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I did last night in a long time! (So cheesy, but so true!)



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