YouTuber Sam Pepper’s “Killing best friend prank” is NOT okay (Trigger Warning)

I’m really quite distressed, and I’m really not okay with Sam Pepper’s new YouTube video: ‘KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK.’

It’s sparked a LOT of discussion over on social media, with 25,000+ people petitioning to have Sam Pepper deactivated from YouTube. The video is quite distressing, so if you do watch it I urge you to watch with caution, as some people (me included) might find the video very difficult and unsettling to watch, the video may also be triggering for some viewers.

My reaction to the video was that of anger, and honestly shock – I don’t understand how someone can truly feel that a video of this nature is in anyway appropriate, yet alone going to such extreme lengths to put a ‘friend’ through such potentially traumatising circumstances. Heck, it’s horrid to put anyone through something like this, yet alone a friend.

This is unbelievably disgusting, traumatising and offensive. It genuinely concerns me that young ‘YouTuber’ fans will see this and think that it’s okay.

Experiencing ANY trauma (real or not), and being faced with a situation where you feel your life or another’s is at risk can be traumatising, leading to PTSD and much more. And, in light of recent events I think it’s horrid that a ‘role model’, with over 2 million YouTube subscribers would upload something as inappropriate as this.

It’s so traumatising that this video exists. I cannot fathom why someone would do this, even as a ‘prank’.


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