The most awkward places to eat a packet of crisps

I don’t like eating in front of people at the best of times, but when it comes to eating a packet of crisps in public (and even at home) I’m suddenly very conscious of how loud an eater I am.

So… in honour of all those awkward crisp eating moments, and the number of times I’ve sat in shame, blinded by embarrassment… I thought I’d list some of the most awkward crisp-eating scenarios. Basically… I’m an awkward human anyway, but throw a packet of crisps into the mix and it’s utter chaos.

Here’s my top ten ‘lets not eat crisps here’ scenarios:

  1. In the office
  2. In a meeting (even if there’s a lovely spread of food… it’s just far too awkward to be crunching along during someone’s presentation…)
  3. In the cinema (even if you bought them there… the rustling of the packet, and the loud crunching makes some – me – incredibly self-conscious and worried that people are judging me from afar).
  4. On a bus
  5. In a queue/waiting room
  6. In a room with someone who hates the sound of rustling crisps packets (aka: my mum)
  7. In a lecture
  8. On the train

  9. On the train

  10. On the train

Eating crisps on the train is just such an un-fun experience, especially if it’s all lovely and quiet and then… crunch, CRUNCH, CRUNCH.


Crisp packet
Source: Ella Robson / Dearest Someone


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