Campaigns & Media Awareness

One of my incentives behind blogging so openly about mental illness is to raise awareness and break down stigma. There are so many wonderful charities, organisations and individuals who are working tirelessly to break down stigma, support those with mental illness and more. In my experience I’ve been asked to contribute to campaigns, blog for organisations and more, including features and content that focuses solely on Dearest Someone, or from my personal perspective. Take a look at some of the stuff that I’ve done:

  • SANE (Mental Health Charity): SANE is a wonderful charity, who work tirelessly to #StopStigma, they also operate an out of hours support line, which I think is really really incredible. You can read my blog post for SANE here.
  • Time to Change: Time to Change is a fantastic campaign, and I couldn’t have been more pleased to write a blog post for them raising awareness of why I’m publicly sharing my experience of Post-traumatic stress disorder. Read my blog here.
  • Huffington Post UK, Young Voices: Recently I have started blogging regularly as part of the Huffington Post’s Young Voices campaign. Read my first blog for them here.

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