Birmingham Pride 2015

Birmingham I loves ya! Just look at how many people attended Pride this weekend! This is so exciting! Brum ya are amazing! I'M SO BLOODY PROUD OF HOW AMAZING BRUMMIES ARE - and yay to Ireland as well! Anyone who campaigns for something they believe in is ace; but I have so much love and respect for LGBT campaigners! (Specifically this weekend - PRIDE ya did good!)Muchos love and support to LGBT(q) life! ‪#‎BirminghamPride‬


If you live in Birmingham and you didn’t hear about Birmingham Pride 2015 then I have no idea how – you must have been hibernating or something haha! 🙂 I am so PROUD of everyone who celebrated and campaigned for LGBT rights this weekend! Unfortunately I was unable to get down and join in with all the festivities – but I could at one point see some of the celebrations from my flat (which made me very jealous!) But that’s not the point… the point is, Birmingham Pride 2015 was ace!

I’ve spent the last hour or so watching videos, looking at photos and reading peoples blogs etc. about the festival. Also one of my pals absolutely rocked it doing a four hour DJ set at the festival! (Whilst nursing the worlds craziest hangover haha). As I wasn’t there I can’t really say how amazing the festival was – I can only tell ya about how happy the videos/photos make me! I’m not gunna share photos as they don’t belong to me… instead I’m gunna send you over to Birmingham Pride’s Facebook page… where there’s videos, photos and so much more!

Congratulations on the ace weekend, and for a successful Pride!

LGBT / Equality for all!! 


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