My Happy and Healthy Challenge

So, I’m publishing this post a little late as I started the Happy and Healthy Challenge at the start of this month! (May). But, I thought I’d make a post to summarise what the challenge is and how it works… the beauty of it is, there aren’t any strict rules! 🙂

I really enjoy blogging, it’s a fantastic way to let off steam and to make sense of things, and the response I’ve received has been pretty ace so far! However, I noticed that at times I’m focusing a lot on the things that I’m struggling with, and most specifically my PTSD – of course that is the purpose of this blog – to be open about my Mental Health. So, I decided at the start of May that I would challenge myself regularly to focus on positive things, to write positively or to write with a healthy outlook (even when I’m really struggling.) The reasons for this aren’t to simply blog more – I want, and I need to remind myself that although there are tough times, it’s not all that bad.

And voila, the ‘Happy and Healthy Challenge’ was born.

If you’re familiar with the social media world, the blogging world and so forth then you will know that there are often challenges, or tasks floating around – asking you to answer questions, or blog using a certain theme, or complete tasks that are positive… That’s what the Happy and Healthy Challenge is all about.

Through the Happy and Healthy Challenge I will try out some of these tasks, and themes and fancy stuff – of course, focusing on the positive ones! So, if you have any cool, interesting tasks then please feel free to send them my way!

My first adventure was to try out a week long Moodscope task… see here! 

I’m excited to see how this Happy and Healthy Challenge plays out – after the first task I really was feeling positive – so why not blog positively and focus on the good things?!


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