All-Time Bulimia Lows and New Beginnings

I’ve been reading through this blog today – I have so much respect for this lady – sharing such a personal story, it’s given me an unexpected strength which I didn’t realise I needed right now!

I wish you all the best!! (I really really do!) 😀 x

You Deserve a Donut.

After every high, there comes a low.

I feel as if last night was a horrible nightmare.  I can’t think about it anymore.  So much pain, so much hatred for my whole Self.

They say that recovering from an addiction is only possible when you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.  I do believe, friends, that I have reached a point with this addiction in which I must recover.  The only way to go is up.  I don’t want this life anymore.  I am so done.  My teeth are killing me and my salivary glands are sore to the touch.  I look and feel like a shell of a person. I feel so drained of life and personality.

This is not how my story ends.  There is so much I want to do, experience, and accomplish in my life.  I want to see other countries, fall in love, feel…

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