Ten places that make you feel positive, inspired and happy

1) Trewan Hall, Cornwall (UK) – I’ve been visiting this campsite pretty much all my life, and to be honest there aren’t any words that I can find that I feel sum up how much this place means to me. (This place is my happy place!)

Trewan Hall, Cornwall

2) The Library of Birmingham (UK) – this place is ridiculously impressive, it opened in 2013, and I watched it being built (since I moved to the city in 2011). It looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie, it’s just super cool. (Also there’s loads of books which is a plus…) It also has super comfy cushions, as you will see in the photo below…

Library of Birmingham
Ella Robson at the Library of Birmingham

3) Platform 9 & 3/4 – I made up this challenge, so this counts haha. I love Harry Potter, I really do haha, but this particular image (below) was taken at Kings Cross (London) a few years back, in which I had just attended an album launch of a really cool artist, and after a few glasses of wine we went to Platform 9 3/4, it was a really special evening! And this just makes me smile!

Kings Cross Station
Kings Cross Station

4) Warner Bros. Studio Tour (UK) (The Making of Harry Potter – Leavesden Studios.) This day was undoubtedly one of the best days of my life… I released my inner child (aka: run around pretending I was Hermione ALLLL day).

Here’s some images:

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5) Houses of Parliament (Westminster, UK) – it goes without saying that this is a place that leaves me feeling inspired. The actual structure is impressive, and then when you consider all the history it is simply mind-blowing. The first time I visited Parliament I honestly was taken aback by the intricate details of the architecture. I felt incredibly honoured and inspired.

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6) The Curzon Building (Birmingham City University, UK) – The University as a whole leaves me feeling positive, inspired and happy… but most recently I’ve been left in awe of the view from the new building. Birmingham is lovely!

View from The Curzon Building
View from The Curzon Building

7) London – I guess this is a little broad, but London makes me happy, it inspires me, terrifies me and excites me all at the same time. And that’s the wonder of London – it’s full of opportunity, with chances to explore and craft your own little adventures. It is makes me feel ridiculously proud of my heritage – ten points to you London.

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8) The Rainforest Cafe – London – I’ve never actually been in the cafe (one day I will) but the shop above is just so cool, I love it!

Rainforest Cafe, London
Rainforest Cafe, London

9) Reading Festival – I guess this one isn’t really a place, it’s more of an event, but Reading Festival was the first festival I ever attended (on my 18th birthday in 2011!) And it was both amazing, and bloody awful haha, and I’d 100% do it again!

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10) Cornwall – I know I opened with a place within Cornwall.. but Cornwall as a whole just makes me incredibly happy (and at times stressed when it comes to the weather haha…) But Cornwall is the place I crave when I’m really tired, stressed or just generally in need of the sea…

Cornwall is such a beautiful county, and it’s such a huge, important aspect of my life.

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