Ten positive memories that I never want to let go of…

1) Graduating with a First Class Honours Bachelor degree – such an ace, incredible day. Filled with family, friends and some pretty special moments. It really was a special day.

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2) My eleven year old love story… this is true (I swear.) When I was around eleven (maybe older) I remember making friends with this random guy at my favourite beach. He was the same age as me, with dark brown hair and a ridiculously ace personality. We spent the whole day together, swimming and jumping off rocks… it was sunny and I was even introduced to his mum – it was a match-made in heaven haha. Of course I never saw him again after that day… but I remember hugging him goodbye in the middle of the beach as the day was drawing to a close, and it was a perfect little love story… haha (the stuff movies are made of…) My biggest regret was never getting his MSN username… 

3) Jumping off the BIG diving board in an attempt to impress my Australian cousins… when my family visited from Australia in the early 2000’s I have a hilarious memory of me trying to show my cousins how ‘outgoing and cool’ I was. I remember being at the edge of the huge diving platform (I’m talking like the really high ones that the likes of Tom Daley jump off…) my cousin was trying to convince me to jump – and, as I’ve dabbled in (what I thought at the time was cliff jumping, but was actually, just jumping off a rock into the sea) I didn’t think twice. I jumped right off, with my hands out like a helicopter and my poor poor arms hit the water in true ‘belly flop’ style, and the sting was ridiculous.

4) Winning bingo at the ‘boat club’ – I spent most of my childhood going to an old, disused boat that had been converted into a pub. We had Halloween parties, pantos, fetes, birthdays, karaoke nights and much more all in this boat. I can remember winning bingo one night, and I was on top of the world. Ten points to me. At the boat club I also played pool with a broken, un-bandaged wrist and won… pro!

5) Hearing my name on the radio for the first time – Pirate FM was the coolest (and still is) radio station when I used to spend every summer in Cornwall. I can remember one time my dad phoned up and got me a ‘shout-out’… for that split second I was THE coolest person in the whole of the campsite.

6) Dressing up as the coolest ‘scary’ professor. You know the type who experiments with eyeballs and has frizzy, massive hair as the result of an experiment gone wrong… yup. This was my favourite Halloween costume, and I even sent in an image to Warner Brothers/Harry Potter in a desperate plea to join the cast of the film… hahaha oh my.

Young Ella winning at life when it comes to Halloween Costumes...
Young Ella winning at life when it comes to Halloween Costumes…

7) Seeing Mumford & Sons play live at the LG Arena – I’m a lover of live music, but honestly this was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. The music, packed with friends, and an ace atmosphere made for a truly special evening. The band were SO good live, I never want to forget how cool it was!

Mumford & Sons at the LG Arena
Mumford & Sons at the LG Arena

8) Attending an album launch for Gabrielle Aplin’s debut album. This was such a cool evening – I got to listen to Gabrielle’s album prior to it’s release, in a really cool venue, with really cool people. Also, it was really lovely to see someone who’s music you genuinely appreciate do so well… ten points to you Gaberrrz.

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9) My 21st Birthday – I’m not a fan of celebrating my own birthdays, so I was ridiculously hesitant when my family decided I should have a ‘party.’ But, it turned out bloody brilliant, with family, friends and a whole bunch of losers that I love – it was a really special occasion. I also had a Harry Potter themed cake, which was pretty much the best thing ever…

Ella Robson, 21st Birthday
Ella Robson, 21st Birthday

10) Attending an advanced movie screening/exclusive private premiere with my dad and Seth Rogen… standard stuff? This was just a super-cool, surreal evening and it was so much fun! I don’t have any photos of the actual event (as it was private etc. etc.) but here’s one of me loving life in Leicester Square…

Ella Robson, Leicester Square. This is the End, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg private screening.
Ella Robson, Leicester Square. This is the End, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg private screening.

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