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Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Decision Making, source:
Decision Making, source:

It seems the more I think about things the more the big unanswered and undecided decision is getting to me…

I just wrote this in an online group kinda thang: (The Doodle Chronicles’ Peer Support for Anyone Affected by Mental Illness)

I don’t usually write stuff in here… but I’m really stuck. I wondered does anyone have any experience of moving from a mental health team in one area to another? (I’m finishing uni but have just been offered therapy in Birmingham, but it’s looking like I may have to move back to Essex, but I really really felt relieved and like I was finally getting somewhere when I was offered this therapy).

And now I’m so torn… because in Brum I’d have to find somewhere to live (and a way to pay for it) but in Essex I’d be able to move back home.. I know now, after typing this out that it doesn’t seem complicated at all, but I am so so stuck!!!!

But I’ve waited SO long to get EMDR and talking therapy as opposed to counselling (not because of the system, but because I’ve seen two different counselors beforehand.)

The other day I reached out for some advice on making decisions, etc in a blog post. And the response really was great, but I really need to not dwell on this!! I’m not sure if I’m as stuck as I think I am, or if I’m just choosing something to dwell on. But I’m gunna blog again here, just to let out some of the stress haha.

I can tell that the theme of the next few blog posts will be somehow related to decision-making. I’m going through a phase in my life at the moment where I have to chose where my next chapter will be. Being offered therapy is at the moment one of the big factors that is making this decision so hard, it’s strange but it’s the people that are tying me to Birmingham. I know that if I move back home it’s going to be a new challenge, but I’m okay with that! It’s going to be a new challenge anywhere, but… I do know that if I move back home it is likely that I will not seek therapy etc. I will go down the route of just trying to ‘move on.’  

And right now I’m really not sure what is best for me. There might not be anything that is best for me, I know that whatever decision I make will be right, but I’m just trying to think this through as best I can!

(If you got this far then ten points to you for reading this!) 


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