Happy New Year!

It’s really strange that it’s 2016 already, but I’m excited, I’m very excited for the year ahead. 2015 was brilliant; 2015 was exhausting, difficult, exciting, fantastic and bloody hard all at the same time, but I have no regrets (maybe some… aka: shutting my head in my bedroom door, oh and falling up the steps on my way into the House of Commons/Parliament!)

Last night I celebrated the end of the year actually feeling happy, proud and a little in awe of how far I’ve come, how much I’ve battled through and how strong I’ve grown over the past twelve months. In 2015 I started therapy, started a new job, moved house, worked with Parliament, campaigned and work alongside various national (bloody brilliant) charities, campaigns, organisations and more. 

2015 was incredibly difficult, especially in terms of my mental health and my recovery. But, I kept going. Somehow, with the support of my incredible team and those in my support network, I managed to plod through some pretty intensely rough and dark times. Honestly the past twelve months have been an incredible mixture of tears and laughter. I have so much respect and gratitude for those who’ve helped push, guide and drag me through the past year. I’ve managed to grow/move/get to a point where I am comfortably (yet apprehensively and cautiously) plodding on and continuing with my recovery.  

Here’s some of my favourite moments from 2015:

2016, lets ‘ave it.

For more info on some of the work I’ve done throughout the year click here.



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