Airport thoughts

I’m currently sat in the departures lounge at the airport blogging from my Kindle… technology is great aye? Interestingly the first time I came to this airport (London Southend) I was with the Air Cadets for the annual Southend Airshow – where I was able to walk around the runway, fly in helicopters and more…

Anyway, it’s been a very long week, with work, weddings and more. I’ve not written much over the past week or so as I’ve had so much going on that I’ve not had the space in my mind to think of words and form coherent sentences… although things have been stressful, and at times painful – a close family friend passed away earlier this week – however, despite all the emotion and distress I’ve actually been doing okay.

It’s a wonderful thing being busy. Keeping busy in terms of spending time with friends and having exciting things ahead, such as going away, or upcoming weddings are all things that have kept me feeling positive this week. Yes there have been some dark moments, but sometimes it’s hard to not get excited about things – even when your mind is trying to convince you otherwise. It’s strange to let the positive feelings win when the darkness and negativity is such a familiar foe. However, despite everything that’s happened
this week, the loss of a loved one, a few stressful days at work and some pretty low moods it seems that I’ve still had things to hold onto, things to feel optimistic about, and that feels great. So, as I sit in the warm departure lounge, with grey, rainy skies outside I will reflect on and process everything that’s happened this past week, and I will allow myself to get excited about the next few days – a week in sunny Spain with hopefully do me a wealth of good.

Adios amigo!



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