Marking my 23rd birthday

(It was so tempting to name this blog… “I made it to 23” but, as humerous and truthful as that statement is, it’s also quite insensitive to myself!) Though, I did make it to 23… which naturally has left me reflecting on the past year. And boy it’s been an interesting one.

It’s been a rocky few months for me – filled with some incredible moments, welcoming my wonderful brother-in-law into the family, and reuniting with family members who travelled over from Australia! I was really struggling at some points, which led to needing more support – support that was slightly out of my comfort zone.

Most of you know that I blog about my mental health – I write for me, but I am so overwhelmed by the lovely messages and comments that I receive by others who can relate to my writing. It took me a month to write this, but I decided I needed to do it so that I could move on and put that part of my life behind me. It’s my 23rd today and I can honestly say that I am feeling stronger and more kick ass than ever. I’m happy (and full of chocolate). And I am very excited about what’s to come.

Today Huffington Post UK / HuffPost UK Young Voices published a blog that I wrote about my experience on a mental health ward last month. Writing about this took me so long as it was too difficult for me to face – but, I made it through with the support of my wonderful parents, my friends and other incredible people in my support network. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and kind words that have been sent my way this past month. And I’ve never felt more able to tackle this big old world than I do right now. It’s been a weird 23 years, but I’m so ready to continue kicking butt!

Check out my blog here:

Young Ella would be proud!




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