Nonsuicidal Self Injury – Cutting to stop pain


By David Joel Miller

What is cutting – Non-suicidal Self Injury?

CuttingNon-Suicidal Self Injury  

Nonsuicidal self-injury, often called cutting, is another of those troubling conditions that send people to hospitals, physical and mental hospitals. Intentional self-burning, head banging, hair pulling, hitting yourself and repetitive skin picking are other examples of this thing we call Nonsuicidal self-injury. Nonsuicidal self-injury causes a lot of suffering for those who do it and for those around them, and yet this problem, like anger, does not get the recognition of a separate diagnosis. FYI Hair pulling has gotten its own diagnosis called Trichotillomania.

Deliberate self-injury is a behavior. Like many behaviors it can be misunderstood. If someone waves at you, they may be calling you over, they may be telling you to get away from where you are or it may be a way to say hello. It might even have another meaning…

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