Friday Facts: awareness week


Sunday marks the end of Mental Health Awareness Week (no idea if this is just here in the UK) but anyways…I decided to just put out some statistics that really hit home how much mental health issues need addressing:

1 in 4 will experience mental health issues at some point

Early intervention halvesrelapse rates in Eating Disorders

33% of ED sufferers will make a full recovery. The rest will remain very ill, or experience high relapse rates

Every thirty seconds, suicide will claim another victim somewhere around the world

Depression is in the top tenreasons for being signed off work

In the USA people with severe mental illness die 25 years youngeron average

1 in 10 children have a mental health problem at any one time

Under 10% of the population have a diagnosable personality disorder

Under 3%of people suffer from OCD

9 out of…

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