“To write affectionately about the people in our lives that we appreciate.”

“To write affectionately about the people in our lives that we appreciate.”

Dear Diary – Task Three (Mental Health Awareness Week 2015)

This one is easy, easy, easy, eaaaasy – I have an incredible support network, made up of friends, family, colleagues and professionals – all of whom have helped me through the toughest times and continue to support me. I recently shared a post over on my personal blog, about a recent awards ceremony – and expressing my gratitude to those at my University: https://ellarobson.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/the-extra-mile-awards-2015/ 

I have continued support from my family and friends – and I hope they know how much they mean to me, and I wish to express my extreme gratitude to them… I love them to pieces. However, I’m choosing to share my appreciation toward those at my University within this post, as I never expected the level of support and empathy I’ve received from Birmingham City University. As an institution I selected them for the course credibility and the facilities – I never dreamt of the awesome teams and support network I would meet through my studies. (It’s been pretty life-changing!)

Birmingham City University

I’m currently a postgraduate student, studying at the same institution where I completed my BA (Hons) degree, it was in the final year of my undergraduate degree that I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. In a way I was expecting the diagnosis, as it made perfect sense and I’ve been struggling with symptoms for years, yet last year things became very intense and almost inescapable. I couldn’t avoid the symptoms anymore, and I couldn’t deal with them either – so I plucked up the courage (more like mumbled my way through asking for help) and I spoke to Student Services at my University.   (http://www.bcu.ac.uk/student-info/student-services)

Speaking to Student Services was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I know logically I should have gone straight to my GP, but I didn’t know what to do, or even where to start – I was lost, struggling really bad and I felt safe at my University so I decided to ask for help. The support and guidance I received from Student Services (to put it bluntly) saved my life. Whether or not the staff know this, they offered me a safe, confidential and comfortable space – I was offered support through a fantastic health and wellbeing team as well as guidance in seeking further help.

Of course I have received support from multiple other individuals and teams across the University – most notably staff within my school, however it’s the support that I’ve received from Student Services that has really been central to helping me tackle, and make sense of my wellbeing and mental health. I am very very grateful to the lovely, welcoming individuals that I have the pleasure of meeting with; most notably my Mental Health Adviser, and my first counsellor (who randomly emailed me yesterday and made me cry – it was such a lovely and unexpected email!) Of course, my other counsellor kicked butt too! I have been so fortunate to receive such ace support, and I am continuously overwhelmed by the awesome people that I have in my life – I am very lucky human! 😀 


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