Busy Bee, Take it Easy

This post is more of an update, as I’ve been slightly quiet this week 🙂 

This past week has been a mixture of busy, intense days and deadline meeting (woo) combined with a wisdom tooth extraction. I had my tooth removed on Tuesday, which fortunately wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated… but I had to dive right back into work on Wednesday, and I’ve pretty much been running around like a headless chicken ever since.

Despite how stressful all the work is I have been having a blast, so my only regret is not giving myself enough time to chill – but I reckon we’re all guilty of that from time to time. So I’ve allowed myself to enter hibernation mode today – as it’s Saturday, and I’m unbelievably tired! What I must say is that I’ve been sleeping gloriously ever since my tooth has been taken out – I think a mixture of exhaustion and pain creates a wonderful need for sleep… It makes a change to have a regular sleeping pattern (and to actually be able to fall asleep without feeling guilty / anxious / and annoyed at the world!)

I haven’t been paying attention to whats been going on in my mind – which I think is partly due to being in pain, and also because of my workload I’ve been trying to ignore everything. (oops). Though, I am pretty stressed I’m also trying to recover from letting continuous unwanted thoughts take over my head – so I think it’s alright to push things down slightly.

Food has 100% become my enemy again this week though… not being able to eat certain things has made my eating habits return to their old devious ways, which has caused more stress than the actual tooth extraction… but I’m trying not to dwell over this… and next week I shall tackle this!

I’m taking time for myself today… even though apparently I’m feeling slightly down & I’m angry at everything – writing this post has let me acknowledge a few things, so it’s all good! Self-care is my aim today! 

 Take it Easy.

I hope you’ve all had an ace week 🙂

And because we all know I love sweet, cool images…



  1. Great post! I’m glad to hear you are doing so well in your recovery. It’s okay to be busy every once in awhile, especially after being in surgery (that’s what it was, dental surgery), so take care and rest. Sleep as much as you can if it’s restful. Give yourself some time to let your mind just be free and wander while you are taking it easy, too.

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