Ten destinations that I would love to visit #HappyAndHealthyChallenge

I’ve been in bed for most of the day (sleeping off some crazy unexpected wave of exhaustion…) so I’m forcing myself to do this blog post, just so that I can actually finish the day by doing something productive…

(Yes, yes… I know self-care is important, and it’s okay to take time off etc. but I really need to do something in order to make me feel like I’ve not wasted my day, and these little challenges leave me feeling pretty happy so…)

Ten destinations I’d love to visit

(Supported by images of course!)

In no particular order…

1) New Zealand (New Zealand captivates me, and I’d love to spend a few months out there in the future!) I have an ‘incredible things and places’ board on pinterest… and these photos have made me fall in love with NZ. 

2) Australia – I have Australian family who have always encouraged me to visit the country, and to be fair it looks absolutely incredible… For a long time I’ve been thinking about visiting… though I have a feeling I’ll be visiting NZ first! (oops)

3) Bounce Below (North Wales) A giant underground trampoline. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

4) The Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Rocky Mountain

5) Amsterdam 

It's just so colourful!!
It’s just so colourful!!

6) Grindelwald, Switzerland – Specifically for this ace adventure!!

Grindelwald, Switzerland
Grindelwald, Switzerland

7) Italy – I don’t have a specific location… I just wanna explore!

8) Jacob’s Well, Texas

Jacob's Well
Jacob’s Well

9) Pompeii, I know I already mentioned Italy, but Pompeii captivates me in a eerily way. Pompeii is a stark reminder of the forces of this world, yet it is miraculous in it’s own way.


10) Mont St. Michel (Normandy, France). St. Michael’s Mount (Cornwall) is one of my favourite places in this big old world. I spent many of my childhood years searching for the giants heart (needless to say I now know that it’s just a stone…) I’ve also swam and walked the causeway many times, and pretended that it’s my very own Hogwarts. (Cornwall, I love ya…)

 I’ve visited France so many times but I’ve never visited Mont St. Michel… one day I will!

St. Michael’s Mount (Cornwall)

St. Michael's Mount
St. Michael’s Mount

Mont St. Michel (Normandy)

Mont St. Michel
Mont St. Michel

I think because St.Michael’s Mount has been such a huge part of my life it would mean so much to me to visit Mont St.Michel… and I will!! Hopefully very soon!


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