Alone we are fragile, together we are strong

Today has been different… and it has just made me more thankful than ever that I began this blog. I posted early this morning asking for help/advice on finding motivation (finding the power to actually get out of bed…) and I received a fantastic, really helpful and really supportive response.

Then, the tables were turned (cheesy metaphor, sorry ha) and a fellow blogger/tweeter (ace human) reached out for help, and I tried my best to return the favour.

What good is blogging and having a platform where you can be heard if you don’t use it as best as you can?

I’m very humbled that David has written this blog post, and I’m very humbled that I’ve managed to use Dearest Someone, to help others. That’s why I started this blog/project and I’m feeling really blessed today! 🙂

Thank-you David for supporting me earlier, and thank-you for this lovely post!

Read David’s post here:


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