Colouring for Calm

I reckon this blog post is long overdue as my current love for colouring is just getting bigger and bigger…

Colouring is what all the cool kids do, and for those who don’t exactly feel cool when buying a colouring book then don’t worry as all savvy-publishers have craftily named their books ‘art therapy’, ‘calming colouring’, ‘mindful colouring’ and so forth, just to make it seem a little less lame buying a colouring book when you’re an adult…

But… COLOURING IS COOL. Colouring is so much fun. And actually is really is a great way to chill, relax and be mindful. I’ve got two different bliss-inducing colouring books now, though I’ve promised myself that I cannot start my new one until I’ve finished the one I’m currently working on.

What I find great about colouring is it allows you to be creative (but it’s far easier than having to create your own images ha). But, at the same time you are in complete control with what colours you want to use etc. And I’ve noticed that sometimes the images end up all dark and mystical and other times they’re all bright coloured and fancy. (Basically I’m using colouring to portray how I’m feeling…)

It is a great way to release stress, it really is… but, if you’re anything like me then colouring can be frustrating haha. Especially if you colour over the lines. If you colour over the lines then it  feels like the end of the world! And sometimes I just want the image to be finished as it is rather time consuming haha, but that’s when I stay strong and plod on. (Here I’m clearly using colouring as a metaphor for my own life…)

Sassiness aside – colouring is actually really really fun and I’d recommend it. It’s a great way to be alone with your thoughts yet have something that you can focus on. It’s great – whether you are feeling anxious, you need a b

reak, you want to practice mindfulness or you simply want something refreshing to pass time then I’d suggest colouring. 



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