All my senses come to life / Ed Sheeran and backstage festival passes

For me there’s nothing like the thrill of live music to give your senses a good kick, and your mind the chance to relax/chill/rock out/go wild. My mind’s been all over the place lately trying to decide between Birmingham and London, and a night away from thinking things through and trying to organise everything was very much needed. Live music is great for my well-being, I love seeing musicians having an absolute blast doing something that you don’t just love – performing is what they do, they pretty much love music with every fibre of their being.

That’s pretty refreshing.

To see people who are so incredibly passionate about what they do reminds you that it is possible to be passionate about your job, your life and whatever it is that you love. Also, there’s nothing more inspiring for me than seeing a packed out crowd, (whether that’s in a field, an arena or a small venue). All those people have gathered there for one reason – to see an artist or a musician who they love, they are there to enjoy live music. Music can be a form of escapism but it can also reawaken all of your senses.

Yes I 100% named this blog post after Ed Sheeran’s song ‘One’ (it seemed fitting). With one of the lyrics being ‘all my senses come to life’, of course it completely unrelated to the nature of this blog post, but still… I’m currently listening to Ed Sheeran and that lyric pretty much summed up my evening last night.

I’m very fortunate to work within an industry where I get offered some pretty ace opportunities. I also have some great friends who get press to a lot of events and yesterday I was able to go backstage at Fusion Festival. I’ve been backstage / worked at quite a few live events with well-know companies etc. but festivals are my favourite! It’s so cool seeing the crowd from backstage – you get a really really awesome view of everything and it certainly warms me heart. At one point last night I even ended up in the press pit right at the front of the stage during Tinie Tempah – looking at the crowd from there was incredible. Absolutely 100% incredible. I love live music, and I love passionate people ahh.

I’ve seen Ed live a few times now but last night was definitely my favourite! He added in some songs that he’s not sang in a while, and considering I’m 99% sure I’m moving back to Essex it made last night an awesome way to say goodbye to Birmingham!

It seems silly but lately I think I’ve been so consumed with the  prospect of choosing between Birmingham and London that I actually forgot why I came to Birmingham in the first place. I came to study here, to kickstart my career (all the standard stuff) and the opportunities and adventures that I’ve had have been amazing! They’ve been completely beyond what I imagined myself doing (Parliament, Radio 1, Capital FM etc.) Birmingham has been incredible, but all of the adventures and stuff have happened in London, and last night reinstalled my love for creative, live events / music / and just anything that is creative and makes people happy.

So, basically… the moral of this blogpost is… when in doubt take a break (a short break), do what you love and let your senses takeover.

Cheers Ed Sheeran!


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