‘Last times’ (Reblog)

Being open and honest about such a fragile topic isn’t just brave, it’s really really inspiring. It gives hope to others that they aren’t alone. Please do give this blog post a read!

Jen in socks

This post is about stopping self harm, so it does make mention of it. There are no details, and what I have to say may even be helpful, but please be safe.

I’ve been thinking lately about ‘last times’.
In my life, I have had more than my fair share of ‘last times’. When my self harm had moved from coping strategy to (extremely) bad habit, I tried to stop. A lot. I’d tell myself that this would be the ‘last time’. That I was never, ever, ever going to hurt myself, ever again. Two days later, the resolve would be gone, and I would be craving the feeling of release that it gave me. So I’d hurt myself. And feel even more of a failure than I had to begin with.

It wasn’t until I changed the way I thought about stopping, that I managed to actually stop habitually…

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