Body shaming is real…and it destroys people (Reblog)


I’m just going to delve into this topic once because I was hurt and terribly affected by a video, cleverly titled “Dear Fat People.”

I wholeheartedly admit that I am fat. It’s a known fact. I have put on weight since high school and I have been eating unhealthily since I was a kid. I am overweight, according to my recent physical exam. People around me have been telling me to try and lose weight so I’ll fit into beautiful clothes and I know they say it because they want me to look and feel beautiful.

But, and I will only admit this today, I am secretly hurt by comments about my weight. I am hurt because I am ashamed of my body. They do not know that every time I stare at my body, all I see is my bulging stomach. In every picture I take, I will always…

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