Music Lights Up The Dark

As you may or may not know, for me music is a huge part of my life, and largely affects my emotional wellbeing. This past week I’ve definitely had a few songs on repeat that have allowed me to channel my inner diva, and to escape from the reality of this big old world. I thought I’d share with you two of my favourite British, homegrown artists. Both of which I have been a fan of for a number of years, and they continuously create songs that are very deep, meaningful and soothing. They are both brilliant when it comes to toying together lyrics, making songs that somehow manage to relate to an awful lot of situations that are quite personal to me. That’s the wonder of music, it can help heal certain things.

Cheesiness over, the two ladies that I am talking about are Lauren Aquilina and Gabrielle Aplin.

At Gabrielle's English Rain album launch.
At Gabrielle’s English Rain album launch.
With Lauren Aquilina at Bush Hall.
With Lauren Aquilina at Bush Hall.

Lauren Aquilina, the girl with an aaaaaace, powerhouse voice, and hair to die for recently released a new video, titled ‘Ocean,’ her cover of ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ is currently on the heartbreaking Downton Abbey advert, and on Sunday she’ll be at BBC Radio 1 debuting new music! (Ahhhhh)

And Gabrielle Aplin’s new album ‘Light Up The Dark’ is out today… packed with bloody brilliant songs. I could literally feel every emotion possible when listening to Gabrielle’s work. Also, check out Gabrielle’s first album ‘English Rain’ – this album has helped me a lot this past year. Especially the songs November, Evaporate, Ready to Question and Take Me Away (aka: the whole album haha!) Also search ‘Start Again’ by Gabrielle… it’s so so good.

Both artists have lovely voices, and both are really lovely, ace humans. Several of their songs have helped me through pretty rough times. (Lauren’s latest ‘Ocean’ is definitely 100% my go to song at the moment.) 

Aaaaand this amazing, wonderful song by Gabrielle has been stuck in my head for weeks:


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