Sunday evening top five ‘to do’

My Sunday evenings (in fact the duration of most of my weekends) are often unstructured. So, I decided… maybe, just maybe I’ll actually attempt to plan for the week ahead. I’m especially focused on doing stuff that will help in anyway toward bettering my wellbeing, as it’s been a very hectic week, and I really, really want the coming week to be a little less ‘full-on.’

Weekends are (apparently) meant to be perfect for relaxing, but if you’re anything like me then you’ll have spent most of the weekend eating and being lazy (oops.) So… here’s my top five ‘to do’ tasks for my Sunday evening:

  1. Tidy up – clean space, clean mind? (Is that a saying?)
  2. Plan tomorrow’s clothingthis one seems a little vain, but really getting ready in the morning is undoubtedly one of the biggest anxiety-provoking, self-hate stirring tasks for me. 
  3. Plan my food/meals for the upcoming week (I’m currently trying very hard not to binge, and I’m trying even harder to fall into an eating routine that I feel comfortable with, though this is easier said than done.)
  4. Have a little read (I’m currently reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – I know I’m incredibly late to party with this one, but it’s brilliant.)
  5. Do some muscle relaxation exercises – I’ve recently been trying to incorporate relaxation exercises into my daily routine, as they seem to help my anxiety and stress levels. (But admittedly I do often forget to do them… I promised my psychologist that I’d do this, so I’m trying!)

AND… Get my washing out the washing machine (I definitely forgot to do this).



  1. sending you a cyber-high-five on the washing machine situation!!! I have the bad habit of leaving dry dirty clothes in there now while I muster up the momentum to put on a full load and get some washing powder… (sorry housemates!) Never too late to party with ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, its such a great book 🙂 I need to read it again I think… hope the clothing plan goes well, this is a new and helpful thing I do for myself too – just started it last week because I had to get up very early these days and it saves time and head wreck in the early am to know the night before, great list in general Ella 🙂 thinking of you, Em

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