Update (via. Twitter @DearestSome)

I posted a series of Tweets earlier – I’ve had a very rough week, following constant battle and I think I simply reached a point of exhaustion. However, I’m taking this and turning it into a positive – I’ve taken a lot of time off this week to think things through, and to really focus on myself, and now I’m ready for the next part of me journey! 

Here’s what I posted:

I definitely hit a wall a week or so ago, after weeks of intrusive struggle – the last week has been intense, and I’m exhausted (1)

But, I honestly feel like something has changed- the past year has been a journey, and I’m still learning- but after the last few days (2)

When I’ve hidden from everything, and returned back to my old ways I have seen how self-destructive it is and I feel I can’t do that… (3)

Anymore – so here’s to strength, courage and hope. I will stop being so reluctant for change, I will stop relying on ‘things’ that are (4)

… the only constant (aka: food, certain ways of thinking etc.) and I will start working hard on my wellbeing…


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