A desired future that is within the realms of possibility

Happy and Healthy Challenge

Our first entry will be to focus on a favoured future. That it to say, to write about a desired future that is within the realms of possibility, where our realistic dreams and aspirations have worked out.

I know from my own research that this activates a phenomenon in the brain called, rather delightfully, “Memories of the Future”. The process sets us up for future success by programming our senses to scan for our dreams coming true.

(Lex – Moodscope Blogger)

Dearest Someone, ‘a desired future that is within the realms of possibility’

Setting myself a challenge here to be honest with myself – one of my main desires for the future is to lose weight (in a healthy manner!) Yet the logical, rational and perceptible part of my mind tells me to change this – yes I would love to lose weight, however this isn’t a clear, reasonable goal – therefore I desire to lose weight, yet to do it safely – in my desired future I want to have body-confidence and better self-esteem, I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I want to be able to do simple tasks and everyday things without thinking that everyone is judging me, or being overly critical of me as a person and my appearance. In the future I will be confident in myself, I will be able to identify positives about myself, and I will be comfortable with who I am. I desire to learn more about myself, and to know more clearly who I am as a person, what I like and dislike, and I want to continue setting goals – giving myself hope for the future. 

It is possible that in the future I will become stronger; I will be able to apply my passions to work and to helping those around me. Yes, it is possible to say ‘I want to change the world’ – but keeping this within the realms of possibility I aim to set myself boundaries, allowing myself to feel safe and comfortable – for I understand that in order to help others and myself I need to know my limits. I am very good at saying yes to things, in the future I will be comfortable with saying NO. No is a perfectly acceptable one word answer. Of course I say no to things now, but I also take on a lot of work! I wish to better balance my life, allowing myself time to recover and enjoy the simpler things (oh so cheesy). In the future things will be simpler. (Said everyone in the whole world). But, it is entirely possible – here I mean that all the kerfuffle, and all the noise, all the panic, all the stress and all the pain that I am dealing with now quietens down.

In my desired future I am awesome – I already am awesome now (yup.) I am going through a LOT, we all are – yet I am still managing to kick-butt in other aspects of my life, and what I’ve literally just this moment realised is that I don’t give myself enough credit. So – in the future I will praise myself, I will give myself credit, I will like me. I reckon we all go through phases of hating ourselves – for me that phase has pretty much lasted ten years (oops) – but I can joke about it as I know, at times, that I am being ridiculous. Though I can also identify that it is sometimes I could thing to be critical of yourself – especially if I am going to be able to set them boundaries that I wanna set. I need to be able to identify my limits (and I need to be able to push through these boundaries – at times). But it’s not doing me any good to constantly be at war with myself – at the end of the day if I can’t be friends with my own mind, if I can’t identify the positives of myself, and if I can’t like myself even in the slightest then I certainly won’t be able to accept others love and positive vibes toward me. I’m not doing myself any favours – so I will learn to accept myself, to like myself and to be kind to myself. (Peace and love and all that jazz!)

This little exercise has actually succeeded in making feel positive and a happy – I am a happy chappy right now haha! Gunna go out and kick some butt in the big bad world now!

(Give this challenge a try – I dare ya!)

Ella, x


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