Happy and Healthy Challenge: Moodscope

Happy and Healthy Challenge:

Happy and Healthy Challenge

As a way to try and challenge myself to do positive, self-rewarding (and self-actualizing) things I am starting a cool personal ‘Happy and Healthy Challenge’. The idea is fairly simple (and is definitely not groundbreaking or pioneering), there’s tonnes of tasks, and challenges available across the blogging world, and further afield in all corners of the internet – so I’m going to try and do some of the tasks. So, here’s my first challenge (and where I found it!)

Moodscope is an ace app that helps you keep track of your mood, showing variations and allowing you to record triggers and understand what you are feeling.


It’s free to sign up, and you receive email reminders daily telling you to take the moodscope test, and record your score. I must admit I haven’t taken the test in a while, but it was really handy when I did – I’ve started keeping a physical mood diary, and I only want to try one thing at a time haha! What I really really like though are the daily moodscope blogs that are sent to you via email – each day a moodscope member shares their story, whether its of the dark times, or key inspirations, methods to overcome and cope with things, and just positive messages – I look forward to reading these blogs, and fortunately they often come in the morning, so they cheer me up and leave me feeling positive for the day ahead!

Here’s a video that sums up Moodscope:

Here’s a link to the site: https://www.moodscope.com/ 

Now, I’m not here to purposely convince you to use Moodscope – what I’m trying to get at is how it has been really helpful for me over the past few months. And this morning I was reading the daily blog, and a task was set to the readers, and I’m going to accept the challenge – and blog here on Dearest Someone, so I thought ya might have wanted some background info!

Dear Diary – Moodscope member Lex sent this over in today’s blog:

Today, I’d like to share some insights on the power of writing. It seems, that in many situations, talking about our problems can actually leave us feeling worse. I cannot defend his view here because I know it is vital to talk to others when we are down. So let’s flip to his positive alternative. This highlights the weight of scientific evidence to support the habit of writing about our challenges. Writing about ‘stuff’ – even the bad stuff, helps us feel released from the burden and move on.   My encouragement for us this week is to write not in this soul-searching way but in a soul-enhancing way. The challenge is to write a positive diary with the aim of shifting our brain chemistry.

So, challenge accepted… Here’s the outline (as stated by Lex):

1) Our first entry will be to focus on a favoured future. That it to say, to write about a desired future that is within the realms of posibility, where our realistic dreams and aspirations have worked out.

I know from my own research that this activates a phenomenon in the brain called, rather delightfully, “Memories of the Future”. The process sets us up for future success by programming our senses to scan for our dreams coming true.

2) Secondly, and perhaps more challenging, to write five things about ourselves that we love. (And don’t put, “See yesterday’s entry!”) This is not in Richard’s book but came from my friend, Pearl.

3) Thirdly, to write affectionately about the people in our lives that we appreciate.

4) Fourthly, and finally, to write a list of things we are grateful for.

I dare you to do “Dear Diary”!
(Just for a week…)

So, this week I shall be attempting to write positively about things! (I certainly need this right now haha!) I will be sure to add ‘Dear Diary’ in the title, just so ya know what I’m up to!

You should try this too! 🙂

All the best!

Ella x



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