‘Thoughts become things’ – Jon, Founder: The Mental Blocks

I stumbled across The Mental Blocks a few weeks back, and have become captivated by the project. I absolutely love everything it stands for, and it really does give me something to relate to. This is the story of how it came about, but to check out more visit… http://www.thementalblocks.com/ 🙂

Project Libero

My thoughts are slippery, tricky things. Ideas come and go across my mind all the time. In clinical terms my thought patterns are described as “Knight’s move” thinking (after the chess piece), me, I tend to describe it as having a butterfly brain. It can be infuriating for others and yet also leads to insights and connections that would escape me otherwise. All in all I generally consider it one of the better parts of having a mental health condition.

A number of months ago I was co-facilitating a day where we were mapping a process. In order to bring the map to life I gave each team a Lego minifigure to move around their emerging design. I noticed that people spoke more openly and confidently when they placed the figure and that everyone wanted to have a “go” with it. Which got me thinking……..

I’ve been refining some of the work…

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