#SelfCareSunday (The friendship edition…)

A little late to the party this week as it’s eleven in the evening… but I was distracted by some super cool TV programmes and also… I spent ages trying to find the perfect photo to some up how I’m feeling today!

Today (Sunday) my motto is… ‘focus on the good’  and, without a doubt I will always find ‘good’ in some super awesome, wonderful, amazing (cheesy) human beings. My friends are ace. They’re absolutely bloody wonderful, hilarious and ridiculously sassy human beings. I am so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life, yet this wee post is dedicated to the two sassy humans I had the pleasure of living with during uni… and who I love with every bloody fibre of me being.


I had such an ace day with them both yesterday, and honestly was fighting back the tears when I said goodbye to them… I must have looked so cool sitting on the underground at Leicester Square, with every other Londoner oblivious to me seemingly realising how much I love them two bloody humans. Sometimes I forget how important these two are to me – they quite literally feel like missing parts of me… we just ‘click’ together so well it’s hilarious. And I feel like such a plonker when I’m around them… they can pull me out of any darkness (even if they don’t realise it…) I can imagine how badly they are laughing at the cheesiness of this post… and if they were here they’d be taking the mick out of me real bad… but they be awesome, and I love ’em.

At the Tower of London, July 2015.
At the Tower of London, July 2015.

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