Behind The Smile, Behind The Mask (Reblog)

“We only get one life and mental illness is not going to take mine.”

Claire’s blog was recently featured via the Time to Change campaign, and I thought I’d share it as it really is an honest, moving blog.

I can relate to what Claire has written, and I think it is well worth a read.

Ella x

Mental Illness Talk

Sometimes speaking out about mental illness can be difficult. I find it easy to talk about recovery and when things are going well but it’s not so easy to say that actually things aren’t okay and I guess that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet lately. My blog posts, tweets and Facebook statuses have slowed down in the digital world and my facial muscles ache from forcing a fake smile onto my face in the real world.

It’d be easier to pretend that I’m okay and to stay quiet until things are better but then I’m not sure how that’s helpful for anyone because speaking out about mental illness needs to be a true picture, it can’t just be telling people about the good days. The bad days are when people need the most support and understanding. As much as I want to pretend right now that things are fine and I…

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