Three words… (Reblog – about colouring!)

Crafts for Coping! Colouring is really really becoming an ace coping strategy! And I 100% approve of this!! 😀

One Step, One Breath

…Meditation coloring book! Last week I received my first adult coloring book in the mail. Basically It’s filled with Mandelas and geared towards adults. I love it!

I’ve been searching for something to help me recenter myself and, in just a few short days, it’s been working. I’m not gifted in drawing or painting, so seeing a colorful, finished piece is cathartic.

I’m really working on staying healthy. I do want to succeed, and thrive. Some days are better than others and small accomplishments become big victories. I wish I could say that in my heart I know I’ll succeed. What I can say is that today is a good day and I am in love with life at the moment.

Tomorrow is not known, so I will just focus on what I can do today to help me feel alive and well. That happens to be looking forward to…

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