Man the Hell up! (Reblog)

There’s some pretty strong language in this post – BUT, I think it captures really well some of the stigma and stereo-types that prevent so many males from seeking support.

“Mental illness doesn’t care what gender you are. It will infest whatever host it can.”

Of course, no two persons’ story is the same – and there may well be some males who completely disagree with this blog post – however, I’m sharing it as it tackles a matter which I personally feel is often overlooked, or unquestioned. Male mental health is just as important as female mental health.

MENTAL HEALTH DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE – IT CAN AFFECT EVERYONE. The need to address this has become so so important to me, and I will continue to share peoples stories etc. just to help keep the conversation going!

Male Mental Health


Or to be more accurate,

“Man the fuck up!”

“Grow a set of testicles man!”

“C’mon! Be a fucking man!”

“What sort of man are you?!”

“You fucking cissy! What are you doing?”

Things I have said to myself angrily and ashamedly many times, in the depths of mental anguish. Why?

Because I am an old fashioned Northern British male. A stupid stupid man. To be ill is to show weakness, vulnerability. To show weakness opens you up to attack. Weakness is unmanly. A man who isn’t physically and mentally strong isn’t a proper man.

Admitting to having mental illness is an admission of weakness. You cannot admit weakness to other men, even if they are good friends. You cannot admit weakness to strangers, colleagues, clients. You cannot admit weakness to your partner, family or children. Men cannot be weak.

These aren’t the freakish rantings of a knuckledragging Neanderthal hardman…

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