Life After a Suicide Attempt *Please Be Trigger Aware* (REBLOG)

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day – read one individual’s very brave, very honest blog ‘Life After a Suicide Attempt.’

Speaking about suicide is such an important issue, preventing suicide even more so – simply speaking about the matter, whether through writing, with those close to you, speaking to a teacher – or seeking professional support, may seem very intimidating. But it is doable – and there are certainly people there willing and ready to help. If you’re feeling low or worried about somebody you know please do find support – find out more information about support services here.

Please be trigger aware with this post.

Me and My Mental Health Matters

This is a personal piece that discusses suicide and self-harm. Please be trigger aware. If you are having issues related to these subject please check out the useful websites page for further advice.

Today I want to discuss something personal that I’ve very rarely discussed with anyone. It’s been seven years and it’s still a painful topic for me to discuss but I feel it’s a topic that is still very taboo and I believe that needs to change. I’m talking about suicide and most of all surviving an attempt at taking my own life.

A bit of background first of all. I was nineteen. I was studying at university as well as working part time. I had minimal support with my mental health in the form of seeing my GP once a month. None of my family knew I had any issues. I was also self-harming as a way…

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