Headaches, medication and mental health

Recently I seem to be getting far more headaches than usual – I’m not sure if this is related at all to my mental health, the logical side of my mind tells me that it could be linked to my medication. However, I haven’t really changed my medication for a while now, but last week I did alter the times at which I take one set of tablets.

Currently I’m on Sertraline – which I take in the morning- and Quetiapine, which I take just before I go to sleep. Whereas before I took the Quetiapine once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The shake up has affected me in positive ways – I’m sleeping a lot better now, and I certainly seem to be getting less nightmares. However, I’ve been getting very intense headaches lately – though this is something I’ve always suffered from – they just seem a lot more prominent at the moment. I have been under a lot of stress recently in terms of workload, moving, planning stuff etc. and I reckon that mixed with trying to recover a good positive state of mental health is tiring. My mental health is something which really has been a struggle over the past few years – hence this blog – but very more often than not I am stressed due to my mental health – I very rarely let work stress take over.

Recently I moved back in with my parents (in Essex) for a few weeks, it’s only temporary as I’m moving into a new house in Birmingham at the start of October. (To those who aren’t from the UK there’s around a two-three hour drive between Essex and Birmingham.) It isn’t exactly a big move, but I’ve had to focus more on my mental wellbeing, and work harder to stay ‘steady’ in my recovery. It’s also trickier as my professional support system is up in Birmingham, while here in Essex I tend to become a little more introverted. Which is another ace, wonderful, fantastic reason to have this blog! It allows me to get what’s on my mind out into the open… 

The headaches could just be because I’ve been working real hard on my MA work… I guess that would make more sense ha! But, either way, this weekend I’m going to spend some time relaxing and taking time for myself 🙂 I went for a lovely long walk along the seafront this morning – it was nice as I haven’t done that for what feels like a very long time! It’s strange when you move away from where you grew up – when you return it feels a little nostalgic, but at the same time it’s really interesting to see how much has changed! Also, I live on an island (nothing fancy) but it’s great to see how much it has developed during the four years that I’ve lived in Birmingham. It was also nice to get out, to sit on the beach for a bit and to just have a bit of a scenery change! Also, I was really quite bored earlier but couldn’t quite face the concept of doing work thanks to a pretty intense, bloody awful headache, so… I cracked out the scrabble and did this:

Mental Health

Yay for headaches…

This weekend I plan to chill, to do some work and to get outside. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🙂 



  1. I hope you feel better soon. I suffer with migraines so know how awful
    It can be to get that pain intruding when you least expect or need it. Hopefully it is stress rather than to do with your meds! Always such a pain when they have to start juggling them about!


  2. I struggle with headaches too. I used to be on sertraline and I’ve found the medication being swapped didn’t help. I am now taking a small dose of propranolol each day in addition, and that has worked WONDERS for my headaches xx


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