Inspiration, Demi Lovato style.

I’ve written a blog post about the ongoing advocacy and hard work that Demi Lovato constantly does in order to challenge mental health stigma, but before I publish it I thought I’d post some of my favourite, inspirational quotes from Demi. Whether you’re a fan or not there is no doubt that Demi Lovato has certainly inspired thousands, if not millions across the world, she has certainly influenced my recovery and I couldn’t be more grateful that she has shared her story. She’s about to release her new album ‘Confident’ in October, so here’s some of my favourite quotes:

Don't beat yourself upHard Work Stigma, Demi Lovato

Edited by Dearest Someone,
Edited by Dearest Someone,
Edited by Dearest Someone,
Edited by Dearest Someone,

p.s: I don’t any of these images, I just added some of my favourite quotes on top 🙂 All credits go to the rightful owners, and I’m not making any profit from these, I can promise ya! x



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