Sunday night chill

My room :D
My room 😀

It’s a well known fact (not actually) that Harry Potter is my favourite everything. It’s my favourite source for quotes, my favourite source for inspiration, my favourite source for comfort, my favourite source for sass, my favourite source for drama, my favourite source for wisdom, the list goes on…

Seriously though, I’m one of the many who has grown up surrounded by Harry Potter. The books, the films – and I am no doubt a ‘Potterhead’. My friends jokingly called my ‘Harry Potter Girl’ for a while (one still does now… cheers Adam). But Harry Potter really does mean a lot to me, I’m very attached to Harry Potter. Like literally. Haha is that even possible? Anyway, maybe one day I’ll write more about how much I love Harry Potter, as I’m sure you are all 100% eager to find out more… 

Next paragraph:

It’s Sunday night and it has been a strange, interesting, challenging and exhausting week. It’s my Mother’s birthday tomorrow so we went out for food earlier, before that I had my eyes tested (bought some fancy new glasses yay), and this morning I hugged my cat – a lot. So, today has been nice and chilled – I’m still having issues with my throat (you may not know about this, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it) but a day chilling, catching up on much needed sleep and rapping Eminem to the cat has allowed me to ‘reset’ myself for the week ahead. (Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever written anything as banal as this blog post haha.) 

So, I’m gunna go chill some more, and admit that this blog post was just a way for me to talk about Harry Potter and share a photo of my awesome ‘bed-in-the-arch-with-a-small-window,-a-Hogwarts-sign-and-some-fairy-lights’ situation.


Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light.

– J.K.Rowling



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