The Curse of Self-Doubt & Self-Loathing (Reblog)

Mental Illness can affect anyone, young or old, tall or short, religious or atheist, black or white (or blue). Mental Illness doesn’t discriminate, and I think what this blog tackles is the matter of under-representation for certain groups within the debate of mental health.

I hope that more people notice Brizzle Lass’ blog – it’s really special.


EyesI’m writing this about 11pm on Friday night, for the second night in a row I cannot concentrate on my book (a really good book, I’d like to add). The problem I have is that right now I am full to the brim with self-doubt.

This self-doubt started a little while back. I had applied to take part in a one day Story Camp run by Time To Change, it’s purpose was to help people who want to tell their story to it right and do it well. I was turned down “due to an overwhelming demand” it stung, and made me realise my writing isn’t good enough.

I’ve also had a number of mental health articles/blogs turned down by the likes of Huffington Post and The Guardian who a number of bloggers I deeply respect also write for.

About the same time, I was really starting to notice how…

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