Does your morning routine impact your wellbeing?

Okay, so this post will either make the world think I’m a mega lazy person or reassure me that I’m not too bad… as hopefully some of you will agree with me! 

Showering before midday

When I was younger we had a rule, nobody could eat breakfast or watch TV on weekends before 7am, before we showered, dressed and made our beds. Of course back then we only really watched TV in the mornings until our parents woke up and then we’d go off on adventures, rollerblading was our all time favourite – especially roller-hockey. I’m the youngest of five – it’s a complicated thing to explain, but it all makes perfect sense – I have three older brothers (brothers from another mother) and one older sister (sister from another mister). Yep there’s definitely loads of drama, plenty of interesting stories and tonnes of stuff to talk about here, but that’d be swaying from the point.

When I was younger I’d be up at the crack of dawn (as the youngest I’d be the first to go to bed, yay for bedtimes), so I’d be the first to shower, the first to crack open the Weetos – English chocolate breakfast cereal – and I’d be the first to put on Zoey 101 or Saved by the Bell or something like that. Nowadays, in my old age of 22, I still wake up at the crack of dawn (I’m an early riser, and I have a cat who doesn’t let me sleep in) but I’ll crack open the Weetos before I’ve showered. Which, as I’ve realised while typing this out, is not that big a deal. But the thing is early mornings are when I’m at my most productive, I can get so much done work wise in the early mornings (and I can also fit in endless amounts of Friends episodes).

I don’t think it’s an act of laziness, it may be at times, but it seems to be something I do when I’m at home with my parents. I’ve noticed that when I force myself to shower early the ritual of taking care of myself actually leaves me feeling prepared, ready for the day and slightly proud… haha! (Notice the use of the word force – sometimes it really is a struggle haha!)

They say it’s the simple things that make us really truly happy – but am I taking it to far by suggesting that we all shower before midday in order to chase happiness?! Quite frankly I’m surprised I even managed to write something about this topic, but for some reason I thought it was an issue worth raising! Hahaha.

Forgive me, I changed my shampoo this morning and it’s really kicking up a storm!


  1. I do believe what we do in the morning matters a lot. Shower is one thing. Even the simplest thing we do in the morning can affect the rest of the day, so yes I agree with you and yes it’s an issue worth raising. Nice one! 🙂


      • Haha no worries! 🙂 I agree with what you said though! If I get up early to do things that make me feel good (i.e: going for a walk down the seafront) leaves me feeling more confident about the day ahead! How about you? 🙂 xx


      • Same here! As for me, I found checking my phone first thing in the morning would lead up to a really lazy morning, and the best day to start the morning good is through some prayers and meditation and then exercise. What is your ideal morning routine? Other than the bath before noon, of course 😛


      • Hahaha, ideally I’d do some exercise (though I’ve been slacking a lot lately!) Then I’d shower, have breakfast… read something (a book, newspaper or whatever!) And then get on with my day! 😀

        I’ve never really thought about that before… tomorrow I’m gunna do ALL OF THE ABOVE! haha


  2. Throughout my illness, even at my worst, on those days when I lay at the bottom of the hole, with no ladder to climb out, I would always shower. Many times I have showered and gone back to bed, but I’ve always showered…don’t know why I felt the need to share that, lol.


    • Haha thanks for sharing! It’s definitely useful to know I can promise ya that! I think sometimes I do the opposite and I don’t end up showering until really late into the day – so now I force myself to when I’m having a rough day! I think showers are where I seem to do most of my thinking haha! xx


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