Help me

I’m feeling lost, confused, stuck and sick. Boo to all that – I’m hoping it will pass, but this only too familiar state of ‘nothingness’ and feeling ‘sick’ is becoming too frequent again. I guess it’s time to try out all my coping strategies… and it’s time to remind myself that it’s perfectly okay to feel things. It’s perfectly okay not to be okay.

Fortunately I have a lot of stuff that I need to write (MA work, press stuff and more) so I have a lot of things to do to preoccupy my mind. I just hope that I can find focus long enough to actually be productive! (Though I’m blogging, so that’s a good sign right?!)


(Not sure why I’ve suddenly become real fond of hashtags…)

P.S: I have the right support etc. in place – I just wanted to find a way to articulate how I’m feeling!



  1. You are right it is perfectly okay to feel negative emotions. The trick is to find away to sit with them for a little while and give them/yourself love. The way you would a friend that comes to you and tells you those things. You don’t want to just ignore your friend! They’re having a hard time. Think of it like that. It’s okay to distract yourself after you take yourself out for coffee and listen to why you feel that way and comfort yourself directly. 🙂 Hope it helps!


    • Thank-you for this lovely comment – I love the idea of treating myself like I would a friend. I’m terribly bad at sitting with my emotions and feelings – it’s almost as if they scare me haha! Today I just distracted myself, but next time I’m gunna pay attention to what I’m feeling! x


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