We must pray for all lives lost at the hand of tragic, immoral, inhumane acts.

I of course am completely shocked and distressed by the news of Paris (I really really am) but the devastating truth is that Paris isn’t the only city to have been devastated by acts of terrorism/extremism this week alone. No one life is more valuable than another, I’m ashamed that I was so heartbroken by the news of Paris yet wasn’t even aware of the lives of others which were so dreadfully taken in Garissa early this year, in which the attackers singled out Christians. And to those lives lost in Beirut: forgive me for being so completely unaware, my lack of awareness due to the media deciding whose lives are more valuable to report over. It’s harrowingly ignorant of me to only pay attention to what the news decides I should care about. This world is brutal, but really it’s people who are far more terrifying. While I of course do pray for those affected by recent events I also pray for what is yet to come, I pray for how the world decides to respond to these tragic events and I pray that somehow people can just accept that people believe in different things. We should accept religion to be something which is innate (it sure is for me) and we should acknowledge that it is not in anyway moral or humane to harm, to murder others. Yeah it takes a gun to fire a bullet, but it takes a person to aim and pull the trigger.

Dearest Everyone.


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