The last Sunday of 2015

Sunday. Oh glorious Sunday. Sunday Sunday Sunday. How I love Sundays. This year (2015) I grew very fond of ‘Self-Care Sunday‘, which is basically what it says on the tin. It’s taking a Sunday and using that Sunday to practice self-care, because self-care  is so vitally, incredibly and wonderfully important. Dedicating that Sunday to self-care means that you’ve successfully participated in ‘self-care Sunday.’

Of course Sunday’s are traditionally (for some) a day of rest anyway, so it seemed unquestionable that Sunday would be the day that I consciously focused on looking after myself. I first stumbled across the concept of Self-Care Sunday over on the good old social media site Twitter, where #SelfCareSunday was (for maybe three or so weeks) quite a popular trending topic. And alas, I decided to join in. Admittedly I first participated because I thought it’d be a great idea for a blog-post, but I quickly enjoyed finding cute quotes and images that were dedicated to self-care (I love Pinterest and I love a good quote…)

The simple task of searching for self-care tips became quite soothing. It gave me a few minutes (or hours) each Sunday to focus on finding an image or saying, or something that articulated how I liked to best look after myself. I of course practiced what I preached and actually did start appreciating how important self-care is, and yes I can definitely say that #SelfCareSunday was a wonderful contributor to my long overdue and much needed discovery of the importance of self-care (plus those in my support  network regularly told me to look after myself, so I knew it was time to start listening).

This year I’ve really established an internal need and drive for self-care, and it’s inevitably been the topic of many of my blog posts. Here’s some of my favourite self-care related posts from 2015:

10 tips



Self-care Sunday is something that I hope to continue with in 2016, but I’m most definitely going to make sure I try and install some self-care into my daily routine. Today’s the last Sunday of 2015, it’s been a very hectic few days (it’s two days after Christmas… how is it nearly 2016 already?!) After a few days of eating far too much cheesecake, wearing dressing gowns with ears and reading endlessly I’ve tried to flip the cards today and indulge in healthy foods and a little less cheesecake… but self-care doesn’t necessarily always mean eating carrots and cucumber, if you want some cheesecake then go and have some cheesecake. Especially today, today’s the last Sunday of 2015… what better excuse is there for eating cheesecake?!

(Apologies for how un-directed this post was… apparently I just really wanted to write about cheesecake…)

My dressing gown with ears…


Happy #SelfCareSunday!


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