Apparently #SelfCareOctober is a thing… I’m a big fan of hashtags (I have no idea why!) And apparently I completely missed this one! October has been a fantastic month in terms of raising awareness of various stuff, with World Mental Health Day, OCD awareness week and Schizophrenia awareness week, so I think October is the perfect month to remind ourselves that it is okay to put ourself first!

I usually partake in the #SelfCareSunday hashtag, as I think it’s so important that we dedicate a little bit of time in our week to looking after ourself. We are so incredibly important, and we are not being selfish by spending a little time refreshing our batteries, soothing ourselves and looking after our minds and bodies.

I recently published a ’10 vitally important tips for self-care’ list in which I gave some examples of things that I’ve learnt along the way, in my recovery and just in general. Click the image below to read the blog post:

Source: Dearest Someone, / Ella Robson
Source: Dearest Someone, / Ella Robson

Self-care shouldn’t be labelled as important simply for one month per calender year, self-care should be a huge aspect of our everyday lives. But of course, I may be slightly hypocritical here because I know how hard it can be to look after ourselves, but I’m trying I really really am trying. And if anything simply making the decision to try and look after yourself is a HUGE step in the whole ‘self-care’ malarkey.

So, if you do anything today then I reckon it should be acknowledging how important, and worthy you are. You are so worth self-care… that I can promise ya. You might have a really unfriendly monster that likes to convince you otherwise, you might have anxious beliefs that everyone else on this planet hates you (thoughts like that rule my mind,) BUT, you are enough for yourself – and if that’s not convincing enough then think of all the little micro-organisms that have made your body their home… they think you’re enough so look after them!! 

Of course, as per usual I have collated my favourite images from my favourite thing ever… Pinterest. Here are some wonderful self-care related images for you 🙂

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