Dearest Someone, Reflections reflections reflections.

Dearest Someone,

It seems that since I decided to take on this blog the reflections of my previous year just keep coming! I am aware of how much I’ve achieved, dealt with etc. But I can’t decide yet if these reflections are positive or negative – I reckon that it’s partly due to the new year, we all have a little reflection around this time of the year! (It’s the normal thing to do when so many people are rattling on about resolutions and all that jazz!)

I think reflections are great – they’re good for you every now and then – but of course, as Dumbledore once said “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” For me I’ve been reflecting on my resolutions that I created at the start of 2014 – these were pretty standard resolutions – aka: lose weight, be happy, sort my life out etc. – Dreams. They are dreams because they are resolutions that I’d made at the start of each new year for as long as I can remember – which is why this year I made a list of all the things I’ve achieved, and boy does it feel good to reflect.

The resolutions I’ve made in the past seem fairly simple, but now I realise that these resolutions were pretty much me stating everything that I felt was wrong with myself – instead now I chose to accept what I’ve done and continue to grow – that’s how I am able to move forward. I’m very – very – good at criticizing myself and that doesn’t make me a happy human. But recently I keep reflecting on all the difficult times I’ve had – obviously being diagnosed with PTSD offers some inclination that I’ve had rough times, but I feel that reflecting on these – not intrusively, by my own choice – really is helping me to see how far I’ve come in the past year or so.

So basically, reflect on your life – write down all the positives, and if everything seems negative then write down how you’ve dealt with this – because you’ve made it through and you’re looking back on the moments now – so you must have made it through somehow? Right?

Be reflective 🙂 Be Positive!

And remember this: 



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