PTSD and Dearest Someone

PTSD and Dearest Someone… taken from my personal blog.

Ella Robson

I wanted to call this post ‘Sir blogs a lot’s but I know I will most definitely wake up in the morning regretting that ha!

Basically the jist of things is… I’ve blogged a fair amount recently but I’ve been more active over on my other blog (Dearest Someone) – I’m on my Kindle so I’ll add the link in for it later!

I love writing, I really do – English was pretty much my favourite subject throughout school and I still love acting like a wordsmith now. Having a job as a copywriter is great, I love it and studying for my Masters is great as it’s pure theory so I get to write a lot of words. (In a far less colloquial manner ha!) I also love all the production stuff I do (radio, events managing etc.) With this blog (Ella I’ve always tried to blog about…

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