The art of eating

Dearest Someone,


I guess this one really is a generic blog post but it’s one that I wanna write!

One way I’ve dealt with issues throughout my life is through food… I won’t go into details but I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food (at both ends of the spectrum). Overeating, under-eating and just generally hating food. So this year for lent (I’m not going to get religious here) I decided to sort out my eating instead of giving up one thing. This does mean I’ve given up chocolate, crisps, ice cream and all that jazz – but merely because I can’t face dealing with what I have been dealing with anymore.

And boy oh boy it has been a challenge, for want of not triggering myself/others I’m not going to go into details but changing something which is cemented in my mind/way of life/coping mechanisms is bloody tricky! Add to that everything else that’s going on in my head and it’s just a ball of fun. And, it’s only been two and a half weeks but I’m doing well! 🙂

There’s a lot of websites and ‘advice’ out there on healthy eating and to be honest it just all seems pretty overwhelming – it should be such a simple thing to eat healthy and I don’t know how I haven’t managed it. But, I really am trying – I’m calling this one the battle of my life ha – it’s strange I haven’t been open about food and stuff, and to those who know me they probably think I just overeat all the time – but I don’t, well I do, but I also don’t – it’s complicated!

I’ve discovered a love for almonds – currently I eat no more than 15 a day (not everyday) – I don’t know if this is right or wrong? I did Google it but I’m just rolling with it. I have had rocky days/times but I just have to talk myself through it, one thing I will say is I thought eating better would help me sleep better – but I’m still having crazy dreams so if anyone has any tips on that I’d sure love the help!

But yeah, in terms of recipes and stuff – I found a really cool site that I quite like and the recipes look pretty cool so I’m gunna try some of these out – but at the moment I’m just really trying to eat three meals a day and stay active! (Generic stuff here ha).

But yeah… that’s what’s going on in my life at the moment in terms of stuff… so yeah.

P.S: Sweet potatoes rock.


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