I’ve struggled but I’m incredibly grateful.

Dearest Someone,

I’ve kept quiet lately as I’ve been dealing with stuff that left me needing to avoid social media/the internet for a bit. It’s taken me nearly seven years to begin taking steps toward dealing with certain bits and bobs and I found that surrounding myself with people that I love and feel safe around has been far more productive than blogging and forcing myself to revisit all the emotions/thoughts I’ve been dealing with.

This past week has been pretty big for me in terms of taking steps in the right direction and though it’s led to some crazy unexpected personal responses I’ve started to tackle my struggles in a new manner. I have incredible people in my life and I’ve started to speak honestly, and the need to spend more time with these people whilst doing things that I love is currently at the forefront of my thinking and it feels bloody good!

Needless to say I am still going through some tough times and this Thursday I spoke about aspects of some traumatic stuff that happened to me in the past and I’m hopefully going to carry on doing this – despite how hard it is as I know how self-actualising it is for me.

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have the people that I have in my life and I cannot believe how silly I’ve been to not show them as much appreciation as humanly possible! (And as uncreepy as possible hahaha)

Surround yaself with stars! 🙂




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