It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m sat in my kitchen drinking coffee and happily munching away on chocolate biscuits… I’ve almost forgotten that the start of this week was absolute madness.

With panic attacks, dreaded anxiety and just a generally low-mood I reached yet another ‘I cannot do this’ phase. I seem to be having a lot of ups and downs recently, this is part being due to being referred to a new team and having to go through the process of meeting new people/forming new bonds with professionals etc. etc.

Though I’m in an ace mood today I’ve been wondering a lot lately what ‘recovery’ actually is… I’ve never really had it explained, and I know it’s different for everyone, and I’m just curious!

I will blog more in-depth about this soon!

But I’d love to hear what recovery means to you…

Join in on Twitter using the hashtag #RecoveryToMeIs 

All the best 🙂



  1. i am still trying to figure it out too. i think we just keep riding on this merry go round. maybe after awhile, it doesn’t make us sick. maybe we get used to it, and can be like ‘normals’? still searching for an answer, will let you know if i find one!

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    • This seems to have been the general response on Twitter as well! I’ve read so many definitions etc. and of course recovery is tailored to the individual… but who actually knows what it is?! haha 😀

      All the best x

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