The Ups and Downs of Life (Mainly downhill…?)





but it’s also ace.

In case ya haven’t guessed… I’m having a stressful day (week) [month] {year}… and clearly I’m trying to find a way to articulate this! haha.

We truly learn a heck of a lot about ourselves when we’re really struggling. It’s like a ridiculous type of ‘test’ which you don’t have any choice but to learn from your experiences… This week I’ve learnt a lot about myself (but also reminded myself of what I already knew). I can deal with a lot. I really can. To others it might seem that I’m not coping at all (if you actually knew what was happening in my head…) but most people haven’t a clue of the intensity of things because it’s not exactly rooftop shouting-worthy.

In short… this week I’ve had a very intensive week – I’ve had a lot of work to complete and somehow I’ve managed to take on some pretty stressful things, and completed them! Which is, of course ace, but it’s frustrating when you secretly want to crumble – but you also know that you are perfectly capable of plodding your way through these challenges!

Also, more often than not life likes to keep throwing stuff at us, so we don’t really have any choice but to keep going.

Today I received some really incredible news, but also some pretty crap news – bittersweet? Ups and downs? Pros and cons? Sometimes you have to put things into perspective. I have to remind myself what I actually want to do, and I have to learn from the times when I’ve applied myself to roles/things that aren’t exactly what I wanna do… It’s very easy to get swept away by opportunities – it’s very easy to get excited by things, and to convince yourself that you want to do things.

But, what I’ve learnt this week is how passionate I am about sharing, talking and expressing my experiences with mental health. I know I’m not the only one who is – but it’s something I’m proud of. Something I care about, and it’s also allowed me to  notice the things that I’m not too bothered by.

Life can be bloody challenging, it really really can. And, if you’re like me – as soon as there’s a hint of ‘good’ you rush towards it. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s not at all. BUT – this is your life, and sometimes it is best to actually sitback, consider what direction you want to go in, and whether or not you should jump at this opportunity.

Especially when you’re offered opportunities that will be very time-consuming, where you will have to work hard and invest a lot of emotion into. It’s okay to think: actually you know what – I don’t want to do this. You are not obliged to invest your time in something simply because you were considered ‘good enough’ for a certain role. Keep your eye on the finish line (as they say…) Consider what you will feel comfortable doing, it’s okay to question what you will get out of an experience. And it’s okay to say no. And, it’s okay to not feel bad at all when you didn’t get that opportunity you were offered because you know that others will benefit from it. (Especially if your heart wasn’t 100% in it!)



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